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Nelsony Engineering, LLC is a professional software engineering services company specializing in custom firmware, IoT, device drivers, and embedded solutions. Founded in 2006, Nelsony Engineering, (formerly Pro Code Works, Inc.) has worked with clients on projects ranging from specialized PCI Express devices, to commercial-grade remote telemetry, IoT and cloud-based data management. With a diverse, international clientele, Nelsony Engineering (PCW) has provided custom software solutions and ongoing support services to meet a variety of needs around the globe.

When choosing Nelsony Engineering, LLC., clients enjoy faster project turn-around time, regular status reports, a user-friendly bug tracking system and on-demand access to the knowledge and skill set of our experienced engineers through all phases of the project life-cycle. In addition, clients save on the costs typically associated with hiring an in-house developer.


With over 40 years of collective industry experience, the team at Nelsony Engineering is well-versed and highly-experienced in a variety of programming languages, operating systems, device interfaces, and web applications.

Latest projects

Finished development of a high data rate in-store IoT solution that aggregates data from multiple sensors and controllers, homogenizes the data and uploads it to the cloud. The system is Linux based and runs on a variety of platforms, x68 and ARM including containers and virtual instances. Also developed the cloud side REST API using AWS Cognito for authentication, API Gateway for REST APIs, Lambdas for data routing to different EC2, S3 and DynamoDB. Responsible for the hardware platforms deployed and developing new hardware systems.

Older projects

Developed the handshake and link detection for a 40GB Ethernet optical transceiver.

Developed a WDF and a Linux drivers for Northwest Logic’s Expresso PCI-Express core and many derivatives based on the core drivers.

Developed the software for an experimental 10 imager camera based on a Xilinx Microblaze processor.

Developed the DC control subsystem for a 1 MW solar inverter.

Developed a simulated VOIP traffic mapping tool. The Application creates a simulated VOIP connection while retrieving performance data from the radio, GPS, and network statistics and logging all to a file.

Developed an embedded system using FreeRTOS on an Atmel ARM7 to be used as an automated Silicon Validation platform.

Developed a method to use an existing NDIS device driver to communicate with the clients proprietary C# application to do data collection.

Developed a high-speed PCI-Express driver for a hardware MPEG compression offload board.

Ported a laptop embedded controller code from one manufacturers processor to another.


Nelsony Engineering, LLC and previously Pro Code Works were founded  by Nelson Yaple.  Nelson has over 40 years of direct high tech industry experience.  You can find out more about Nelson at   Nelson is also a founding member of


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